Michael Stirling-Aird Landscape Photography
InverPolly hills at dusk, NW Scotland, © Copyright Michael Stirling-Aird 2007


Thankyou for taking the time to look at this site - I really do hope you enjoy the images.

I feel passionately that Scotland offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. My goal, over a long period of time, is to make images of these landscapes that move me, and hopefully some others.

Fine art prints

My fine art prints are printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl archival paper. I use Giclée UK who supply the art community with exceptional museum standard fine art prints.

Equipment & creating digital files

Many of the images on this site have been made using a large format camera (formerly using film, more recently digital), though some have been made using medium format or 35mm cameras. Transparencies have been converted to digital files using a drum scanner. I love view cameras because the image is inverted on the groundglass, and this helps compositionally. In addition, they offer technical benefits via the ability to raise and lower the lens to control perspective, or tilt the lens to control depth of field. They are simple to use as they don't have lots of buttons and automatic 'functions' - this helps to keep the photographic process simple.



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