Michael Stirling-Aird Landscape Photography
InverPolly hills at dusk, NW Scotland, © Copyright Michael Stirling-Aird 2007


Lone Scots pine - dead - but still pointing to the view of Glen Lyon! Central Highlands, Scotland © Copyright Michael Stirling-Aird 2008

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View of Glen Lyon, Central Highlands, Scotland, made with an Ebony RSW 45 & Rodenstock 150mm lens.

This long 'dead' Scots pine is pointing up the glen saying "Just look at this view - I've been here for centuries, and there's no way I'm leaving that view behind!" The younger generation of Caledonian pine trees can be seen lower down the slope, and in the glen, the lush green of Spring is beginning to appear. The few patches of snow on the hills are a reminder that whilst the scene looks lush, this location is still very exposed.

This was one of those fortuitous moments when, having composed, the light suddenly burst through the clouds.


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