Michael Stirling-Aird Landscape Photography
InverPolly hills at dusk, NW Scotland, © Copyright Michael Stirling-Aird 2007


I do enjoy studying the work of good landscape photographers, but what really inspires me is being outdoors, and following my instinct. There is something incredibly special about being out in our landscapes, preferably in the mountains, and to see, hear, and feel the wonderful displays of calmness, colour, change or power which nature provides. Just being out there is inspirational. I strive to make images that reflect these moments (in some way), but of course can never fully do them justice, partly because of my own many limitations as a photographer, and also because a photograph cannot reproduce some of the senses that help to make these moments special. Some of the work of Frank Hurley and Herbert Ponting (examples below) is very inspiring indeed. To carry the equipment in these extreme locations, and use it to such outstanding effect in the cold, is amazing. Having seen an exhibition of some of their work in Edinburgh a few years ago made me realise how high the benchmark that they set is. And if conditions ever seem challenging in the field, a quick thought for what others in the past may have been through is a reminder of how easy we have it today.

Image below by Frank Hurley:

Image below by Herbert Ponting:





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