Michael Stirling-Aird Landscape Photography
InverPolly hills at dusk, NW Scotland, © Copyright Michael Stirling-Aird 2007


Cul Beag at an icy sunrise from the slopes of Stac Pollaidh, NW Highlands, Scotland © Copyright Michael Stirling-Aird 2007

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Cul Beag from the slopes of Stac Pollaidh, North West Highlands of Scotland, made with Ebony RSW 45 with Rodenstock 90mm lens.

It's not often that you get conditions like this in Scotland, but when you do, it's amazing to be there. The colour of the sky is due to the extremely cold conditions at dawn, the result of a Northerly airstream. In the middle horizon, you can see the mist caused by the temperature inversion. I particulary liked the way the sun's rays light up the frozen grass, and the extreme contrast between the warmth of the foreground, and the cold of the sky.


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